Kasper Rønning Komnæs

Your course turned out to be an incredible investment, and it will continue to be so during my medical studies in Jagiellonian University, Krakow. I’ll tell you why below if you are interested in the feedback.

First off thank you all Elisa, Samantha, Chen, Diego and Moshe

22nd of March I took the exam to “Jessenius Faculty of Medicine” in Martin, Slovakia and got the highest score of the participants.

1st of June I did the exam for “Jagiellonian University” in Krakow.

The exam was so hard, but I made it because of your course.

I am certain of this because in Stockholm I learned to think directly in English. This was the winning ticket to pass the entrance exam, because we got so much text in advanced medical English in most of the tasks, and the time pressure was enormous.

After everybody who didn’t make it was sent home, the professors were proud to say that it was hard to get in, but much harder to drop out.

70% of the students on the English course are Norwegian, and they have developed a modern mindset.

The school values feedback and criticism from the students to strive for excellence. So they have the best support team, and 95% of the students complete the medical degree. It was always my dream to go to a medical faculty like this.

Thank you all once again.

Best regards, Kasper Rønning Komnæs